{I'll be your sky}
{and you'll be my sea}
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I like long walks no where, treat me well friend C:

I Like Pastels, King Louis XV, Harry & Louis' Love, Fanfiction, Bacon, Pepperoni, Canolis, Food in general really, drawing, and you people!

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neymarjr: que honra conhecer … sou fã e admiro todo o grupo !! /// honor to meet you … I’m a fan and admire the whole group! @niallhoran #onedirection

Niall’s Hair these days have me swooning from how suave he is. Gosh. I love it when it’s down in his face though, like the ‘You and I’ MV. Goddamn I nearly lost it in the MV. 

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Harry’s hair! Omg, am I the only one squee-ing here? Hari’s hair is why we live.

Louis’ little things


Louis’ eyesimage

Louis’ crinklesimage

Louis’ smileimage

Louis’ laughimage

Louis’ giggle


Louis’ facial hairimage

Louis’ jawlineimage

Louis’ earimage

Louis’ fringeimage

Louis’ Headbandimage

Louis’ eyelashesimage

Louis’ cheekbonesimage

Louis’ neck image

Louis’ chestimage

Louis’ bicepsimage

Louis’ tummyimage

Louis’ thighs


Louis’ Shoes


Louis’ beanie


Louis’ hands


Louis’ tattoosimage

Louis’ gay wrist


Louis’ westside


Louis’ voice


Louis’ tearsimage

Louis’ nose


Louis’ Harry




Louis’ perfection


Louis Tomlinson everybody :) image

You got me at ‘Louis’ Harry’. Goddamnit the feelings are washing in and breaking the dam.

So Beautiful! Let us all wear the same jumper. Oh Lordy Lord, 

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Why so perfect Harry? Why soo?

Bettet than perfection he is.

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Attack of the harry. No one minds really. Haha harry can attack anyday.



i wouldve paid money to see harry’s reaction while that guy was touching louis

willing to bet it was something like this


Harry… you look a little demonic there. You do know your fans will be happy to do your dirty work incase there’s a body that needs to be hidden. 

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Man, that perfume guy is creepy, especially with his hands on Louis. I would have stayed to watch Harry tell dude to get away from his boy!
Anonymous said—


I am 5000% sure that while this was going on

Harry was somewhere close by looking like this

contemplating 50 different ways to make a man disappear without leaving any evidence behind

We will help Harold. No need to get your hands dirty. You just stand there and look pretty and let the fans do the burying. 

Daddy Louis


Louis’ Daddy hair is giving me shivers and semi heart attacks. 


Nevermind, someone call the paramedics. I’m having convulsions and full heart attacks.